Rock Band 4 is getting a huge list of improvements and new features next month, and it's not more songs.

Developer Harmonix is adding a wealth of new features in a free update next month that includes new items for character customization, additional stat tracking and new gameplay modifiers.

For example, if you're a Rock Band expert and want to kick up the speed of the notes, you will soon be able to do just that with the new Variable Breakneck Speed feature. This lets players set the Breakneck Speed of tracks to up to 2X speed, a first for a Rock Band title.

A number of new stats will be tracked as well. Players can now see how they stack up against their friends with a new dedicated stat screen that provides an overview of a player's Rock Band 4 career.

One of the most exciting features coming to the game is an "Auto-kick" mode, which will automatically hit the drum kick notes so you don't have to. For players who find the kick-petal difficult or impossible to use, this is a welcome addition.

Improved instrument calibration is also on the way, along with more song result details, an in-game activity feed and a full combo indicator.

Best of all, all these improvements are coming free to players. All you'll need to do is download the update when it goes live on Dec. 8. You can read the full list of improvements and additions coming to the game here.

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