Misfit is blurring the line between activity tracker and fashion accessory. The company has announced a partnership with jewelry company BaubleBar to bring more stylish ways of tracking your fitness.

The Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet both feature a gold locket with a flower pattern on their face. The oval-link chain that comes with them is 32 inches for the necklace and six inches for the bracelet, and they both open up to reveal a nice little spot for the Misfit Flash fitness tracker.

The tracker itself was first introduced back in September 2014 and is able to track things like sleep and activity, as well as calories burned, steps taken and so on. Another nice thing about the Flash is that it never needs to be charged, and it runs on a small coin cell battery that can last up to six months.

Normally with the Flash, users get a rubber sport band and a clip so that they can wear it around their wrist or slip it onto their clothing. You'll still get those things with the BaubleBar necklace or bracelet, but you'll also have a nice option for your night on the town.

Of course, to some, the new accessories might seem a little flashy, especially when worn on the wrist, however, that's likely what Misfit was going for.

This isn't the first time that Misfit has partnered with a more fashionable company, as it released a line of products in partnership with Swarovski earlier this year. Not only that, but the Fossil Group, which is known for its high-end watches through brands like Michael Kors, recently announced the acquisition of Misfit for $260 million.

The BaubleBar Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet are on sale for $69.99 each, and they come with a Misfit Flash activity tracker. They can be bought only from Target, starting on Nov. 29.

Via: Mashable

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