Popular Facebook Quiz Compromises Security Of 16 Million People Who Have Taken It


Over 16 million Facebook users have reportedly taken an unquestionably enjoyable and somewhat harmless Facebook quiz, dubbed "What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook?" which necessitates its users to log in. Internet security experts, however, label this practice a privacy nightmare.

This Facebook quiz, which promises to reveal your most often used words (as its name implies), was developed by Vonvon, a South Korean company.

In addition to this game, the company has already come up with a multitude of quizzes, which include "What Do People Talk Behind My Back?" and "Who Are The Hottest Friends Around You?"

Comparitech, an Internet security site, said in a blog post that taking this quiz suggests that you also agree to give up private information regarding yourself to Vonvon.

Details which quiz players are likely to divulge to the company include:

• IP Address
• Name, age, profile picture, birthday, sex
• Education history
• Anything you posted on your timeline
• Your photos (including those you are tagged in)
• Hometown and present address
• Everything you liked
• Language
• Details about the device and browser you are using

Upon examining the terms and conditions of the Facebook quiz, Comparitech is convinced that Vonvon is free to sell users' data to anyone it pleases to profit from. It said that just by taking part in this popular quiz, Vonvon presumes that you read its privacy policy.

Comparitech recommended users to stick to other quizzes which will allow you to share the results without demanding you to sign in to your Facebook account, such as the tests on Buzzfeed.

In the meantime, Vonvon already responded to the issue, saying it in no way keeps users' information for other reasons, apart from bringing in their results.

"[V] creates a variety of quizzes for entertainment purposes only and leverages various user data to produce the most engaging and customized result," explained Jonghwa Kim, Vonvon, Inc.'s boss.

Kim also reiterated that the information collected from the user's timeline to produce customized results are not even saved on the company's servers.

He said his company has earned over 100 million unique visitors across the globe, including the Uited States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Korea and more.

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