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Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Split Facebook Into Two Companies

Facebook's announcement of a potential split into two products is seen as a way for the company to address lingering privacy issues. CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to create platforms where users can build public and private connections separately.

Business Tech April 29, 2019

Apple Mocks Android’s Security Issues At CES 2019 With A Massive Billboard

Apple is a regular absentee from each CES event. This time, however, it decided to make an appearance by putting up a billboard that mocks Android and its many security issues.

Apple January 7, 2019

Windows 10 Creators Update Finally Gives Users More Control Over Privacy Settings

Microsoft is trying to make up for previous customer discontent. Windows 10 users will have more control over privacy features in the Creators Update.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Facebook Ordered To Stop Collecting WhatsApp Users' Data In Germany

Germany's privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to stop collecting WhatsApp users' data and delete everything that has already been sent to it, saying that the company didn't get the approval of the messaging app's 35 million users in the country.

Business Tech September 27, 2016

'Pokémon Go' iOS Version Gains Full Access To Your Google Account: Another Issue Or Just A Misinterpretation?

A former Tumblr executive flagged the fact that the iOS version of 'Pokémon Go' gives the app full access to the user's Google account. Is this a serious privacy issue, or just a false alarm?

Video Games July 12, 2016

French Privacy Watchdog Fines Google $112,000 Over Right To Be Forgotten Issues

Google was fined over another privacy violation complaint from Europe. France wants it to forget, but Google won’t let it go.

Internet March 26, 2016

'Stolen!' The Privacy Nightmare App That Let Players Own Twitter Profiles Like Trading Cards Shuts Down

Hey, Inc.'s addictive game 'Stolen!' has been shut down due to privacy concerns. Find out why the fun of stealing and owning your favorite people on Twitter has been stopped for good.

Internet Culture January 16, 2016

Not All Americans Care About Giving Up Their Privacy: Here's What They're Willing To Trade Their Personal Information For

A new study revealed that Americans have an 'It Depends' attitude over privacy issues when given specific scenarios. Check out what would make a situation acceptable for people to risk their privacy for.

Society January 15, 2016

Popular Facebook Quiz Compromises Security Of 16 Million People Who Have Taken It

Millions of Facebook users have reportedly taken a popular quiz which experts label as a privacy nightmare. The Facebook quiz, developed by a South Korean company, is billed 'What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook?'

Apps/Software November 25, 2015

Microsoft Appoints General Counsel Brad Smith As President And Chief Legal Officer

Brad Smith has moved up the corporate ladder: the new Microsoft president has executive experience and a knack for controversial privacy policies.

Business September 14, 2015

Torrent Tracking Websites Ban Windows 10 Amid Privacy Concerns

A number of torrent trackers have warned Microsoft that if it doesn’t apply changes to its Service Agreement page, they will forever ban users from accessing their sites if they have Windows 10.

Internet August 27, 2015

Windows Hello Of Windows 10 Can Access Your Camera Even If It's Disabled

Microsoft explains in the FAQ page of camera and privacy that even if the user has his camera disabled in Windows 10, Windows Hello, the OS’ new biometric authentication feature would still be able to use it.

Apps/Software August 25, 2015

Is Your Samsung Smart TV Really Spying On You? Hush

Samsung Smart TVs may have a feature that could cause privacy advocates to react and feel skeptical. The company's privacy policy indicated that their TV's voice recognition feature could transmit captured data to a third party.

FUTURE TECH February 10, 2015

Taiwan Accuses Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Other Smartphone Manufacturers of Violating Privacy Laws

Taiwan named twelve of the world’s biggest smartphone makers which are believed to be non-conforming to its privacy standards. Regulatory officials said that the manufacturers could be charged with fines or be banned unless the issues are resolved.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 5, 2014

Uber Takes Your Privacy Seriously: Hogan Lovells is the Proof

Uber is in damage control and hires former IBM privacy chief and top privacy expert to turn around the ride-sharing company’s privacy woes.

Business November 22, 2014

Google Street View cleavage shot gets company into trouble: Canadian court slaps $2,250 fine

Google is ordered to pay $2,250 in damages for posting the photo of a woman with an exposed cleavage on Street View. The judge rules that simply being in public does not remove a person of her right to privacy.

Legal November 1, 2014

Apple, Google encryption of phone data is 'worrisome,' could jeopardize 'catching kidnappers and sexual predators': US Attorney General

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder joins the law enforcement outcry against full phone encryption, says tech companies are “thwarting” their attempts to catch pedophiles and sex criminals.

Internet October 2, 2014

China prods Microsoft for real browser, media player figures

Chinese officials said that Microsoft Corp needs to be fully transparent with its sales data. These include information on sales of the company’s media player and web browser software.

Business August 27, 2014

John McAfee: Stop using Google, protect your privacy

John McAfee has called upon net users to avoid using Google in order to protect their privacy. The announcement was made at the Def Con event in Las Vegas.

Internet August 19, 2014

Google outs child porno suspect with help of Gmail scan: Good job but...

Does the end justify the means? Google catches man in possession of child pornography images but raises questions about the manner the suspect was found out.

Business August 6, 2014

Google email tip-off draws privacy concerns

Google's scan of Gmail is applauded for netting a child predator. While the company says its parameters for searching out illegal content won't expand, privacy advocates express doubt.

Internet August 5, 2014

iPhone a national threat, claims China's media, citing location tracker as a big security concern

Chinese media has accused the iPhone of being a threat to national security. It could throw a hiccup into Apple's plans for greater expansion into China.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 11, 2014

LG wristband offers parents a kid-tracking feature, privacy groups not too thrilled

LG is launching another wearable device aimed at parents. The new technology allows parents to track their child and listen to what is going on through an Android app.

Wearable Tech July 9, 2014

EPIC files complaints against Facebook. Here are its allegations.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center finally files its official complaint against Facebook to the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday over a controversial experiment involving its clueless users. Hear its allegations here.

Legal July 6, 2014

Facebook faces complaints for controversial emotional contagion study

After news broke out that Facebook manipulated the News Feeds of over 700,000 users for an experiment, one privacy organization filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Here’s what happened.

Business Tech July 4, 2014

Blackphone is all about privacy, security and features vault-like impregnability

Blackphone is a privacy- and security-enhanced smartphone, complete with a customized Android OS named PrivatOS. it is unlocked and can be used with any GSM carrier.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 30, 2014

Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Verizon support Microsoft's move against warrant for overseas data

Apple, AT&T and Cisco join Microsoft in the fight to protect customer data stored in overseas servers from government snooping. All filed a friend-of-the-court brief last week.

Legal June 16, 2014

Microsoft promises better privacy, updates service level pledge but there's a small catch

Microsoft has strengthened its stance on user privacy, but reserved a few rights that not everyone will appreciate.

Legal June 12, 2014

Google goes End-to-End with Chrome encryption

For users who want the security of their emails to be NSA-proof, Google will bring End-to-End, an encryption plug-in, to Google Chrome. It will especially protect emails from prying eyes on the servers of recipient companies.

Computers June 4, 2014

Three Facebook privacy setting changes 1.2 bn users must know

The privacy setting of Facebook is ever-changing, with the company preparing more privacy tweaks to give users further control on who can see which posts. Get to know what are these and equip your account with the right settings.

Internet April 9, 2014

Facebook-WhatsApp deal leaves angry privacy advocates knocking on FTC door

There are naysayers to the $19-billion marriage of Facebook and WhatsApp. Two groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hoping that the technology firms will not be able to say their "I dos."

Business March 8, 2014

Allowing strangers to email Gmail users via Google+ triggers privacy concerns

Gmail and Google+ have tied the knot but privacy groups are against the move.

Internet January 10, 2014

Barack Obama to hold talks with tech giants on Tuesday on and NSA

President Barack Obama will meet with heads of technology companies, Tuesday, to discuss pressing issues with regard to the government's healthcare and surveillance programs.

Society December 17, 2013

Does AT&T care about our data privacy?

AT&T has come under fire for revealing that it sells and shares a customers' communication records to the NSA.

Business December 7, 2013

You can run, but you can't hide: NSA

NSA's efforts to counter suspicious activity by tracking hundreds of millions of cellphones worldwide, suggests that a suspect may run, but cannot hide from the agency.

Society December 5, 2013

Zuckerberg says US 'really blew it' on privacy issues

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the U.S. 'really blew it' on privacy issues and the NSA could have handled the surveillance program PRISM, better.

Society November 25, 2013

LG promises update to end Smart TV spying charges

LG has promised to release a software update to address allegations that its Smart TVs were collecting user data without permission.

FUTURE TECH November 23, 2013

Privacy is over-exagerrated: Vint Cerf

Pioneer of internet, Vint Cerf, believes that online privacy is over exaggerated.

Society November 22, 2013

Facebook updates privacy policy but everybody is not happy

Facebook has implemented proposed changes to its privacy policies. While wording might have been clarified, the company still insists that it has the permission of its users to use their information.

Internet November 18, 2013

Sony reserves right to record PS4 user's voice chats or text messages over PSN

Sony has updated its terms of service on the European PlayStation Network (PSN). The new document states that the company has the option to "monitor and record" user activities, including voice and text messages.

Video Games November 12, 2013

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