The launch of Amazon's Fire 3D smartphone sparked a massive media frenzy, but behind the promotion of its 3D nature and headlining features, the phone is quickly becoming a favorite option of analysts and observers with its sleek and simple-to-use functionality.

The reviews have been pouring in across the Internet as many had envisioned the new Amazon device to be an innovative step forward in what had been perceived as a stagnant smartphone sector.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the phone is part of the company's effort to help jump-start and revolutionize the smartphone industry, which has largely seen eerily similar devices launched with only a few key feature differences separating them from what is already on the market.

The positives for the Fire 3D phone have been written about and with its simplicity of use it should be a winner among those people who often become overwhelmed by the oversaturation of companies' "superphones." In many ways, it is the smartphone for the general population, as it has many of the bells and whistles of high-end devices, but is not too technical and does not require a user with years of smartphone experience.

According to one expert who reviewed the device and detailed their findings, "The Fire Phone has 32 gigabytes of storage, compared with half as much for similarly priced iPhones and Galaxys. It also comes with a year's subscription to Amazon's $99 Prime membership plan, which offers discounted shipping and free access to a large library of videos and TV shows. If you already subscribe to Prime, you'll get an extra year free when you buy the phone."

With the ability to have unlimited online storage, the phone will transcend the space issues that many of the other smartphones currently contend with. Because Amazon already has established an online cloud presence, the phone can link up to an existing cloud account as well as the user's Amazon Prime account, which will allow users to watch their favorite films and television programs on the go.

But with all smartphones, there are a few downsides and the Fire Phone is no exception. It runs on what has been described as a "heavily customized version" of Android as its operating system, and that means it isn't as powerful as other top-shelf smartphones. Also, it is lacking many apps due to not linking into Apple or Google's content and services systems.

But as Amazon is beginning to enter the smartphone sector, it is likely the company will take these issues and innovate and continue to update its phone to deliver what it hopes will be a revolutionary new trend in smartphone manufacturing.

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