Meet WordsEye: This App Transforms Words Into 3D Images


Some people may find it easy to think of a cool image in their heads, but has difficulty to create a drawing or image of the thought, losing the idea back into the recesses of their minds. A new app, however, is looking to change that and allow anyone to create 3D images out of their thoughts.

The app is named WordsEye, and it is for both the Web and mobile. WordsEye is capable of turning written text into 3D images, and it is as simple to use as it sounds.

According to the creator of WordsEye, the idea for the app came from how 3D artists have the ability to create visuals for anything that they could imagine. For people who do not have the knowledge and talent to create 3D images, this application would be both cool and helpful.

WordsEye create 3D scenes with the user's description of what they want to see in their image. All the 3D images that users create on WordsEye could be saved to the gallery of the app and with the option to share the images through social media.

"Enabling a new form of creative expression is our primary thrust, but we see strong applications in education, mobile messaging, VR, and gaming," said Gary Zamchick, WordsEye CEO.

The app presents a variety of uses for the average consumer. For example, it can be used to make 3D images that can be used in formal business presentations and school reports, or it can be used to create fun or weird images that can be shared with friends. Education could also benefit greatly as a practical use for the app, with the possibly of using 3D images to teach new concepts and languages.

The technology of WordsEye used a combination of speech tagging and an analysis in the context of the words used in describing the image. Statistical parsing is then used to format the sentences into something that the app will understand in order to create the 3D image.

To ensure that WordsEye will work properly, the app would need a massive database of objects and words. Users will be allowed to send in their suggestions to add to the database to help out the app's creators.

Users can now sign up to use the closed WordsEye beta version. The app will be released in the future as an online application and as an Android and iOS app, though the creators have not revealed a timeframe for when users can expect WordsEye to formally launch in these platforms.

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