When it come to keeping up with our exercise, even the most committed fitness lover can start to feel like they are in a rut. Over time our regimen becomes routine, which tempts us to skip out on today's cardio and instead hop onto the couch with some holiday leftovers.

But now fitness enthusiasts—as well as those newbies looking to start the new year off with a healthy start—can find a bit more motivation thanks to this system that turns routine workouts into enjoyable games.

Founded by the creators of Guitar Hero and a software entrepreneur, the wellness technology company Blue Goji just announced the release of Goji Play 2, the fitness game system that can be used either at home or at the gym that aims to make working out more fun.

Goji Play 2 is a gaming system for iOS and Android that is played while exercising on cardio equipment such as a stationary bike, elliptical, or stair stepper. The system comes with two portable controllers that are attached to the cardio machine or to the two foam batons that are also included. Once the controllers are in place, open the GojiVerse app to set and see personalized goals and progress, and access the library of games.

The GojiVerse app features up to 20 free games that can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play that include puzzle, trivia, arcade and action titles.

Depending on the game played, the user can adjust their cardio intensity, such as going faster on the stationary bike when in a car race. The faster you go, the better the user's game store will be.

Goji Play 2 requires users have iOS 9 or higher on their Apple devices, and Android 5.0 or higher on Android devices. The system will work on iPhone 4s devices and higher, along with iPad 3 and higher, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Blue Goji's fitness game system retails for $119 and can be purchased via the company's website.

Source: Blue Goji

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