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Everything You Need To Know About Google Coach, An AI-Powered Fitness And Health Platform

Google is developing a device that will focus on tracking the health and fitness. The one of a kind gadget will also be able to plan weekly meals and recommend restaurants for its users.

Google August 16, 2018

Walking Isn’t Enough Exercise, Strength Training Also Key: Study

A new review from Public Health England warned that walking and aerobic exercises aren’t enough for good health and fitness. It promoted bone and muscle strengthening exercises for optimal wellness, even among older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Young American Women Struggle To Pursue Exercise As They Get Older, Study Says

A new study showed that there was a significant difference between young men and young women’s fitness activity following high school graduation. The results were taken from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 11, 2018

Walking At A Faster Pace Is Good For The Heart And Can Help Prevent Premature Death

Researchers suggest that walking a faster rate is better for the heart. A study showed that for people who walked faster had a significantly lower risk of dying young or having a stroke or heart attack.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2018

Removing Shoes After Coming Home Could Help With Weight Loss By Keeping Chemicals That Affect Hormones Out

Researchers in Portugal claimed that chemicals from outdoors can affect a person's hormones, which could lead to weight gain. The scientists suggest that one way to keep the chemicals out is to remove shoes when arriving home.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 21, 2018

Fitness Blogger Ashy Bines Sparks Controversy Over Workout Program Designed For 1-Year-Old Kids

Fitness blogger and Instagram star Ashy Bines is receiving backlash for 'Ashy and Friends,' a program for 1-year-old to 6-year-old children. Doctors and parenting experts believe that the workout videos for children will do more harm than good.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 23, 2018

Want Your Partner To Start Losing Weight? Study Shows They Will If You Start Shedding Pounds Yourself

If you have a special someone, your weight loss could affect their fitness as well. A new study suggests that when one member of a couple commits to losing weight, their partner also sheds some pounds.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 5, 2018

Compression Tights: Can They Make You A Faster Runner?

Runners who want to go farther and faster during workouts believe compression clothing is a must-wear. A recently published study suggests this is just a myth.

Feature | Health June 2, 2017

Are Fitness Trackers Beneficial For Your Health? High-Tech Wristbands Not Good At Measuring Calories

Recent study reveals that fitness wearables do not accurately track burned calories during physical activities. Is it still worth it to rely on fitness trackers?

Feature | Health May 26, 2017

Climate Change May Be Getting Americans To Exercise More: Here’s How

The increasingly warmer temperatures might inspire Americans to be more physically active and spend time outside. A new study finds there is a link between global warming and increased outdoor exercise as the only positive outcome of climate change.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2017

Fitness App Sworkit Now Lets Users Create Custom Workouts With New Builder Feature

Sworkit released a new feature called Workout Builder that allows users to create and share custom exercise plans catered to their needs.

Apps/Software March 7, 2017

Intense Stair Climbing Can Improve Your Fitness: Study

Couch potatoes now have no excuse to forego exercise. A new study suggests brief but intense stair climbing, which can be done anywhere, is just as good for the heart as structured physical activities.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 8, 2017

Sitting Too Much Makes Women Age Faster: Counter Accelerated Aging With These 5 Tips

A new study reveals too much sitting can speed up the aging process for women, but adds that it’s possible to slow it down through regular exercise and daily physical activity.

Public Health January 24, 2017

Here Are 2016's Best Smartphone Apps For Staying Fit

Step up your workouts without going to the gym. Choose from these fitness apps to reach your goal.

Apps/Software December 18, 2016

Jabra Unveils Elite Sport Earbuds That Tracks Heart Rate And Features Audio Coaching

Jabra unveiled its latest Elite Sport wireless earbuds on Thursday, which comes equipped with an in-ear heart rate monitor and personal trainer and will be available this October.

Wearable Tech September 1, 2016

Get Paid To Exercise And Follow A Diet Plan With Pact: Here Are The Details

A fitness-oriented app dubbed 'Pact' enables users to earn money for meeting their exercise and diet goals. We give you a lowdown on what the Pact app offers.

Apps/Software June 7, 2016

British Soldiers Prescribed Diet Pills And Liposuction To Combat Weight Problems

A new report has revealed that a number of British armed forces personnel may be facing issues with their weight and fitness. To help combat these problems, the soldiers were said to be given diet pills and liposuction procedures.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 11, 2016

What Is Interval Training? Everything You Need To Know

Engaging in interval-based workouts can provide the same health benefits as tradition methods of exercise, a new study says. People who want to jazz up their regular exercise may want to incorporate short bursts of high-intensity activities to help them burn more calories and improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

The Move It Workout System Is Your Personal Smart Home Gym

This four-in-one fitness equipment device brings the gym to your home, as well as personal training and real-time feedback as you get fit.

Gadgets April 13, 2016

Forget Superman: Meet This 78-Year-Old Super Grandma Who Can Deadlift 225 Pounds

Shirley Webb, 78, made headlines as she deadlifts 225 pounds in a video posted in Instagram. She is expected to set an American record of 260 pounds in June.

Life March 31, 2016

High-Intensity Sprint Training May Do More Harm Than Good If You're Not An Athlete, Experts Warn

High-intensity sprint training is good for seasoned athletes but may cause more harm for untrained individuals. This type of training may increase performance but is not considered healthy.

Life March 26, 2016

Health Firms Offer Apple Watch For $25 But There's A Catch

Employees can get the deal of a lifetime: an Apple watch worth $350 for only $25. Here's the catch -- they need to meet monthly wellness goals set to promote health and wellness.

Life March 7, 2016

Oklahoma University Makes Fitbits Mandatory For Incoming Freshmen

For grading purposes, no less.

Wearable Tech February 2, 2016

Want To Stay Fit And Healthy? Don’t Use An Exercise DVD

It may seem like a good idea to enlist the aid of exercise DVDs in starting off your New Year goals of staying fit and healthy. However, a new study revealed that these commercially-available products can actually harm your health.

Life January 12, 2016

Looking To Get Fit? Here Are Tips To Get The Best Deal On Your Gym Membership

Before you sign over your credit card information, read these tips about new gym memberships. Get a better deal and feel better about getting fit in 2016.

Internet Culture January 6, 2016

Here's To A Healthier 2016: Tips To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

It's easy to create a list of New Year's resolutions, but sticking to it is the hardest part. Here we list down several tips to help you achieve your goals this 2016.

Life December 31, 2015

How To Use Your New Fitbit To Keep Your New Year's Resolution To Stay Fit

Be determined to reach your fitness goal with that nifty new Fitness tracker you just bought. Check out some ways to customize your Fitbit to give you more accurate results.

Wearable Tech December 29, 2015

Best Fitness Apps For Your New Android Smartphone: Calorie Counter, 7 Minute Workout, Runkeeper And More

Let's check out some of the best fitness apps for Android smartphones such as Runkeeper, which will act as a guide to help you knock off the extra kilos! These apps include tracking progress levels, personalized diet charts, voice prompt features and more.

Apps/Software December 28, 2015

Awaken Your Inner Force With Star Wars Workout: Lightsaber-Themed Fitness Classes Pop Up Across US [Video]

Want to become a Jedi Warrior? These Star Wars-themed fitness classes will help you awaken your inner Force.

Life December 23, 2015

Obese People Who Exercise Regularly Likely To Die Earlier Than Slim, Unfit People

The idea that 'fat but fit is OK' may be misconstrued, as a new Swedish study revealed. Turns out, obese people who exercise regularly are more likely to die prematurely than slim people who are unfit.

Life December 21, 2015

Goji Play 2 Turns Routine Cardio Workouts Into Fun Games

Wellness tech company Blue Goji launches its second-generation video game system called Goji Play 2 that makes exercise more fun by having the user work out to gaming apps.

Apps/Software December 1, 2015

Eating More Yogurt Tied To Lower Body Weight And Smaller Waists

Previous studies showed that eating more yogurt is linked to having lower body weight, less body fats and smaller waists. However, a new comprehensive review revealed that there is no clear relationship between yogurt consumption and a person's body composition.

Life November 26, 2015

Mixed Martial Arts Less Dangerous Than Boxing: Study

Mixed martial arts may look more dangerous and brutal than boxing, a stigma that exists even in the medical community. However, a new study found that the former actually has lesser risk for serious injury compared to the latter.

Life November 7, 2015

Fitbit Will Launch FitforGood Campaign That Lets Users Track Their Steps For Charity

Fitbit will launch a charity campaign called FitForGood that lets users count the steps they take toward monetary donations to three organizations.

Wearable Tech November 6, 2015

Increasing Daily Steps Reduces Risks For Early Death By 46 Percent, Says Study

Experts said that taking daily steps of about 10,000 a day can reduce risks for early death. Through the use of fitness tracking devices or pedometers, a person can track his progress for the day.

Life November 6, 2015

HTC Announces Delay Of Fitness Grip But Does Anyone Care?

HTC has announced the HTC Grip fitness band is delayed for the second time until early 2016. Back in July, HTC also made a decision to release the wearable device alongside a bevy of its fitness products later this year.

Wearable Tech October 26, 2015

Moov's Latest Wearable Promises Better Fitness Tracking and Smarter Training

The Moov Now looks to distinguish itself from other wearables with a unique approach to fitness tracking.

Wearable Tech July 16, 2015

Jabra’s New Wireless Headphones Coach You Through Your Workouts

The Jabra Sport Coach wireless headphones track your workouts and provide personalized real-time coaching to maximize your training session.

Wearable Tech June 23, 2015

New Study Says Motion Gaming May Be Better For Kids Than Playing Outside

A new study has found that 'active gaming' may be better for children than playing outside.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2015

'Zombies, Run!': Fitness App Ramps Up Your Running Game By Creating A Zombie Apocalypse

Smartphone app 'Zombies, Run!' helps motivate users to get fit by combining storytelling and gaming.

Apps/Software June 5, 2015

Battle Ropes Craze Hits Gyms Across The US

More and more gyms in the United States have started incorporating battle ropes in their workout classes because of the cardiovascular and strengthening benefits of the routine.

Life May 27, 2015

7 Awesome Infographics On Benefits Of Yoga

What can yoga do for you? Here are seven quick-and-easy guides to gain a better understanding of the benefits of the practice.

Life May 24, 2015

Nation's Capital Called Country's Fittest City In New Health Ranking

Washington, D.C., tops the American Fitness Index ranking of 50 U.S. cities for its level of public fitness. Pedestrian-friendly cities are found to have the most fit residents, the survey found.

Life May 19, 2015

Do These 5 Stretching Exercises At Your Work Desk To Ease The Strain Of Sitting

Remain healthy at work, even if you're sitting much of the day. Try these quick fix fitness tips stretch out the body while bringing clarity and focus to the mind.

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

3 Beauty And Wellness Apps For Purchasing Products And Scheduling Appointments

Mobile platforms make booking fitness and beauty appointments a breeze. Just use your phone to streamline the scheduling process, keep track of essential info and share recommendations.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

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