Microsoft has launched Share Your Idea, a website where online users can pitch in concepts for the HoloLens. The company is accepting anything under the sun, and the ideas submitted so far range from a virtual Julia Childs to augmented reality Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon games.

On the website, people can check out other ideas that they can vote and comment on. The program will last until Jan. 11, 2016, and Microsoft will then choose three of the most popular submissions to build.

"Ultimately, the HoloLens team will pick our top three among the most popular ideas and let the community vote on which experience we will actually build and release to the world! We will work to bring your idea to life and show you every step in the journey — and when we're done, we'll deliver the source code back to the community," the Microsoft HoloLens team says.

According to Microsoft, all holographic apps are Universal Windows apps. That means they are compatible across multiple platforms, including Windows 10 phones, computers and tablets. Also, after selecting and building the winning ideas, the company says it will open source the codes so that the community will be able to try them and even develop them further.

"Once the winning idea is identified, an experienced HoloLens development team comprised of designers, artists, and developers will build out the application and share the process with the community through weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, or any other suggestions you may have," Microsoft says.

Microsoft has partnered with several organizations, such as NASA and Autodesk, to showcase the capability of the HoloLens. The company also has a developer platform, which means developers can make holograms out of Windows 10 apps.

If you've always wanted a specific virtual reality idea come to life, now is your chance, as Microsoft wants everyone to participate in the Share Your Idea program.

Hit up the video below to get another look at the concept.

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