Google wants to map two distinct locations in New York Harbor. It seeks more data from the harbor's two well-known islands that it can add to Google Maps.

Ellis Island and Liberty Island are the locations sought after by the search company.  It will attempt to map the two islands and provide more data than previously held in Google Maps.

The company plans to get a full 360-degree rotational view of Ellis and Liberty Islands as well as a 3D map of the area, according to recent reports. The Google mapping initiative began this week.

Google uses a piece of equipment called the Trekker to handle compiling the data and getting the proper images for use on Google Maps. It also uses other tools to collect and analyze data. The devices help Google collect and gather information from places typically only navigable by foot.

It will take several months before the mapping data will be live on Google Maps for users to see in full 360-degree 3D images, reports indicate. Since about 2007, most of New York's land data has been available on Google Maps and Street View, according to these reports.

The Trekker is a device can be strapped to a backpack and used while navigating the territory of both islands, according to a report out of New York. The company started the mapping process of the two islands on Wednesday, to be precise. The islands have never been mapped, even though most of the rest of the city has.

The access to Liberty Island has been rather complicated. It is run by the National Park Service, which had its own requirements and other hoops for Google to jump through before getting approval to map it.

The Trekker device is loaded with 15 different cameras. It has a system of GPS and lasers to determine depth of field and distance between objects. The images are stored every couple of seconds, approximately.

Private information related to citizens will be removed from images as will faces. The Google Trekker has also been used to map the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon, among other locations throughout the world.

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