Samsung will officially exit the digital camera and camcorder market in the UK.

Rumors first starting swirling back in September that the company would starting phasing out its camera sales, but Samsung came back with a statement debunking these as incorrect statements.

Now, the company confirmed that it will in fact no longer sell or market its cameras, camcorders and photography accessories across the pond.

"In the UK, we have seen a gradual and sustained decline in demand for standalone digital cameras and camcorders and related accessories. For this reason, we have taken the decision to phase out the sales and marketing of these products," the company said in statement to Tech Radar.

However, pulling the plug on these devices in Britain should come to no surprise when looking at the market. Smartphones continue to be released that are equipped with impressive cameras that can do the job for consumers without having to buy and carry around a separate device. Just take phones like the iPhone 6S and Nexus 6P as prime examples.

Instead, digital cameras are being targeting toward professionals instead of the everyday consumer. However, professionals may opt to purchase DSLRs and mirrorless cameras from companies like Canon and Nikon, which are established and preferred in the industry over a company like Samsung, which offers less expensive options.

Samsung said that its decision to pull out of the UK camera market is limited just to the UK. Still, this is bad news for British consumers who just purchased the NX cameras. At least they will still be able to buy new lenses from outside the country.

Source: Tech Radar

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