Leica has announced a new camera in its lineup, this time offering a full-frame mirrorless camera, the first mirrorless camera on offer by the company.

Leica is better known for its retro cameras that tend to be a little pricey, although it has made waves in the digital camera market with cameras like the Leica Q, X, Monochrom and the Leica S.

While these cameras are expensive, they are also beautifully made and offer a classy design with competitive imaging technology. The new Leica SL is no exception. In fact, it could be argued that the camera is one of the better mirrorless cameras on offer. One of the most popular mirrorless cameras in the market is the Sony A7, and while the SL doesn't really compete in terms of price, it does in terms of the tech behind the camera.

The sensor in the SL is a CMOS 24-megapixel one. Not only that, but it also offers picture quality in 35 mm full frame. It also has a maximum ISO of 50,000, and a 4.4-megapixel digital viewfinder that, according to Leica, has "imperceptible latency." As far as video goes, the camera is able to shoot video of up to 4K, and can shoot HD video at 120 fps.

According to Leica, the viewfinder on the camera is able to magnify in a way that is "reminiscent of a medium format camera," and offers the fastest autofocus on the market.

Last but not least is the fact that the camera features a continuous shooting mode that offers 11 fps and maximum mechanical shutter speeds of 1/8,000. While these specs are individually very impressive, finding them all in one camera is even more so.

The new Leica SL seems to offer quite the package, but it won't come cheap, with its price tag sitting at a cool $7,450. The camera will go on sale in November.

Via: Engadget

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