South Korean pop star and viral video sensation Psy is at it again. The singer has debuted a brand new video that rivals his breakthrough hit "Gangnam Style" and features Psy showing off some crazy new dance moves.

Psy rose to stardom in 2012 on the basis of the music video for his song "Gangnam Style," which featured his wackily corny dance moves and quickly climbed the charts to become the most-watched YouTube video ever. The YouTube clip has already surpassed 2.5 billion views worldwide.

Psy's follow up to "Gangnam Style," "Gentlemen," also was a big YouTube hit, amassing almost a billion views. Many of those views, however, were by curious eyeballs checking to see what the singer had in store next, and "Gentlemen" was considered somewhat of a disappointment despite the big YouTube numbers.

While most observers had written off Psy as the ultimate one-hit wonder, he's returned three years later to demonstrate that he has another trick up his sleeve. The bizarre video for his brand new song "Daddy" was just released on YouTube, and shows off the singer doing his signature "Gangnam Style" dance moves, along with some new additions to his repertoire.

In the video, whose often-repeated catchphrase is "I got it from my daddy," which apparently refers to his rockin' body, Psy plays his father and his son in addition to, of course, himself, thanks to some amusingly bad CGI trickery. He's joined by CL of Korean girl group 2NE1, along with a bizarre cast of characters in a series of exploits we suspect we wouldn't completely understand even if we spoke Korean.

The song itself sounds as if Psy hasn't left 2012 — and lets face it, even in 2012, Psy's music sounded hopelessly out of date. The beat, melody and Psy's singing and rapping rhythms seem eerily reminiscent of his other songs. However, this is Psy, not Skrillex we're talking about, and part of the charm of his music and its accompanying videos is their naïve datedness and low-rent charm.

Whether Psy can repeat his former success remains to be seen, but he's off to a decent start, as "Daddy" has amassed 16 million views at last check, and the numbers appear to be rising quickly. He has a long way to go to reach 2.5 billion, but we're glad he's still around giving it a shot.

Check out the video below.

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