If the Tesla Model S is indeed the pinnacle of electric cars, the only problem is its $70,000 price tag, which obviously a large portion of people cannot afford.

Well, with world politicians in Paris for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, one politician laid down the gauntlet to build a more affordable electric car, which would cost roughly 10 times less than the Model S.

According to Gizmodo, France's ecology minister, Ségoléne Royal, announced that she wants to "create an electric car for the people." Taking that a step further, Royal challenged private companies in France to create an electric car as low as $5,300, but with a cap of roughly $7,500. The aim is for the country to then steer the winning car to the public and make it available to the country's masses. Ambitious goal for sure.

How would that even be possible? Well, Royal said if the car is manufactured compactly, light in weight and able to charge quickly, it could be possible. She added that it "may not look like traditional electric cars" as far as its appearance.

"In emerging countries, the growing middle class means that there are more and more vehicles being purchased and most of these cars are fossil fuel cars," she said, as translated and reported by Gizmodo. "This is a very attractive solution."

That especially holds true, considering Volkswagen's emissions cheating disaster. It will be interesting to see if France's approach can lead to an economically-friendly electric car being mass produced in the country.

India tried its hand with an affordable electric vehicle — the e20, at $15,000 — but it hasn't exactly generated rave reviews. Will France have better results?

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