Aston Martin confirms revival of Lagonda... for select Middle East buyers


The announcement came on Thursday with the British automaker adding that the cars will only be offered by invitation and will cater solely to customers that hail from the Middle East. The decision to exclusively cater to a particular consumer group is based from a specific market demand on the product.

Marek Reichman, design director of Aston Martin, says "The debut of this luxury super saloon in the Middle East market will be an exciting moment not only for Aston Martin, but for discerning customers who are seeking the ultimate in luxury and personalization." He adds that "the new model, like its exclusive siblings the One-77 and V12 Zagato, has been created as a piece of exceptional automotive art."

Initially, Lagonda was established as an independent entity in 1906. Later in 1947, it was acquired by Aston's company head David Brown. To date, there are a total of 645 Lagondas manufactured by Aston Martin between the period of 1974 until 1990. Within this period, at least two versions have been made. One is the 1974 model which is only short lived. The other is a premium 1976 model.

Dubbed as a "supercar," the Lagonda was recorded to have retailed at £49,933 in 1980. The price tag falls somewhere higher than the Ferrari 400 but tags behind the Rolls Royce Corniche. In 1982, the car went on sale and catered to U.S. customers.

The Series 4 of the Lagonda is said to be the last model made. Launched in 1987 at the Geneva Motor Show, the very last Lagonda car was made at the beginning of 1990.

When it comes to financial stability, Aston Martin showed no signs of sustained enjoyment. At present, the company has no CEO and has been trying to close a deal with Mercedes' AMG division as a way to gain a new technical and financial business partner. The plan to manufacture the next model of Aston Martins is already in the pipeline which will make Mercedes the sole engines and electronics supplier as a result of the partnership. Moreover, it will also secure Aston's financial standing with the bond markets which had delivered their services to the car making company last year.

Scheduled to hit the road in 2015, the upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda will get its design cues from the William Towns' designed Lagonda saloon with the V8-engine feature. Furthermore, it will have the company's signature VH architecture which is apparent among the company's current iteration.

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