The iPhone 6 has been the subject of many rumors. From its size(s) (there are reportedly two variants, a 4.7-inch version and 5.5-inch version) to its integration of sapphire crystal displays, there has been a steady stream of leaks ever since the iOS 8 was revealed at the WWDC last June.   

Now more information is being leaked about the smartphone as its September launch nears. While the new revelation isn't likely to amaze old hands in using Apple products, it does represent a departure from the iPhone 5's industrial design.  

Similar to MacBooks, the iPhone 6 is said to have an Apple logo that lights up at the rear case. The latest photos of the device, which came from famed leaker Sonny Dickson, shows the back casing of the smartphone with a thin plastic covering in the shape of the company's logo. The clear space appears to be thin enough to let light out to create the effect of the illuminated Apple symbol that's more commonly seen in Macbooks. If the rumors prove to be true, the iPhone 6 would be an improvement in physical design compared to earlier versions of the device. The rear case for the previous iteration of the iPhone was basically a solid piece of aluminum that had an embossed Apple logo.

While a rear light up logo is sure to improve the iPhone 6's looks, the inclusion of the feature is not entirely cosmetic. The Apple symbol is also functional. A report from British website uSwitch said that the logo will also serve as a notification feature, lighting up to alert users of new SMS messages, emails and updates. The website, which helped to confirm that the case was authentic, also said that the rear panel in the photos is likely to be what would show up in the iPhone 6 when it is released.  

"The rear panel in the snaps is also notable for featuring a much slicker, shinier finish than earlier prototype versions, which looked far too rough around the edges to be allowed through Apple's manufacturing partners' factory gates and on to shop shelves... Other than that, though, the panel suggests there'll be no last minute changes in store for us," the report reads. 

There's still no official word on when the iPhone 6 will be launched. However, there are rumors that there would be two release dates for the two versions of the device.

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