Microsoft already has some great ideas for its mixed-reality headset HoloLens, such as allowing consumers to battle monsters right in their living room. But the company continues to search for the next big idea by launching a community-based project to develop a new HoloLens apps.

Called the Share Your Idea challenge, Microsoft is asking developers to submit ideas now through Jan. 11, 2016. The company's development team will then share the three most "viable" ideas on Twitter where the public can then vote for the best one. The winning idea will then created by a HoloLens development team that consists of experienced developers, designers and artists.

Once the app is complete, the HoloLens team will open source the code so the HoloLens community can start building from it.

Since this isn't a contest, the winner technically doesn't win a prize, but they will be involved in the creation of the app, including participating in Q&A sessions and weekly build reviews.

The big advantage for developers is that they could see their dream app become a reality without having to do most of the heavy lifting, while Microsoft aims at getting lots of ideas for open-sourced HoloLens apps.

Those interested in the program can also view and comment on other developer's ideas to help their ideas grow, as well as vote on their favorites. Some ideas already submitted include networking apps, a Wi-Fi signal visualizer, a DJ festival app and a "SimsponsVision" app.

Developers can submit their ideas for the next, best HoloLens app on Microsoft's website. Microsoft will release HoloLens for developers in early 2016.

Source: Microsoft

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