Google Fiber is already prospering in cities like Austin, Kansas City and Provo with Salt Lake City, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and San Antonio listed amongst the upcoming Fiber cities.

On Tuesday, the high-powered Internet and television service invited two of the biggest cities in America to explore its high-speed access in Chicago and Los Angeles.

"Home to a combined six-plus million people, Chicago and L.A. are the two largest metros we've engaged with to date," Google said in its blog, as part of the announcement. "And with the help of gigabit Internet, Chicago and L.A. can boost their creative cultures with Internet speed to match their size."

The tech company says fiber Internet in the Windy City will only aid venture capital funds like Chicago Ventures and could help add to the 40,000 tech jobs across Chi-town.

The high-speed Internet that Google Fiber injects — up to 1,000 megabits per second, spelling blazing fast downloads — also figures to be a hit with L.A.'s entertainment and tech scene.

Google says that as time goes on, it will be collaborating with each city's leaders to see how it could better connect busy attractions like Venice Beach and Wrigley Field.

While this isn't a guarantee that each city will have Google Fiber, the company could at least work with both to gauge the magnitude of laying the groundwork for higher-speed Internet.

Successfully landing prominent cities like L.A. and Chicago will likely only serve as bait to attract more large metros across the country.

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