There is nothing worse to a homeowner who appreciates the art of interior design than to see a sea of never-ending tangled wires coming from their router.

Luckily, during the summer, Google launched its OnHub, the app-controlled smart home wireless router developed alongside the hardwood company TP-Link that allows consumers to go chord-free. The best part is that, instead of featuring an ugly shape that throws off the whole decor of the room, OnHub features a cylindrical body that is much easier on the eyes.

Even though the look of the OnHub is an upgrade from traditional routers, customers still may feel inclined to place the router out of sight.

Google is fixing this problem by introducing three new interchangeable shells that let users decorate their home Internet hub to match more with their home decor.

The shells are now available from the Google Store for $29 to $39 with free shipping, and come in three options: bamboo, white and gold or black and silver.

The shells make the OnHub look a little more modern and classy, so that consumers won't shy away from displaying them out in the open.

Google also rolled out a new website called On Hub Makers, which includes a gallery of uniquely-crafted shells that were designed by artists, designers and makers.

Users who are inspired can download the Maker Packet for 3D files, 2D patterns and other useful tips in order to make their own DIY creations. You can then share your personalized creation with the community.

Google previously released its OnHub wireless router and smart home hub in August. The device retails for $199.99 and is available in the Google Store, Amazon, and other retail stores.

Source: Google

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