Google Play Music announced on Wednesday the launch of its family plan subscription for its music streaming service.

The platform has finally joined in on the family sharing bandwagon, a feature that is already offered by many streaming services.

The new family plan allows for up to six family members to subscribe to the music streaming service together for just $14.99 per month.  

In comparison, Apple Music's family plan can also be used by up to six members for $14.99 monthly. Tidal offers 50 percent off on any additional accounts registered under the same primary account payer for both its Premium ($9.99 per month) and Hi-Fi streaming ($19.99 per month) options. The primary payer can add up to four accounts in this family plan.

Spotify and Rdio also offer family plans, but they cost $14.99 for just two people, and just under $30 for five.

A single subscription to Google Play Music costs $9.99, so a family of six makes out in the end for signing up with the new family plan instead of paying for their individual accounts.

The Google Play Music plan unlocks the same features as individual subscriptions, which includes unlimited access to over 35 million songs. Each family member can stream their music from their device at the same time, making the only aspect of sharing being paying for the price of the service. This also means that one user's music won't be added to other family members' libraries and vice versa. Accounts remain separate so that each user listens to their preferred genres, songs, artists and albums.

The family plan will also get family access to YouTube Red in the U.S., so that members can stream ad-free videos.

Google Play Music can stream on Android and iOS devices, as well as on the Web.

Families will start to be able to sign up for Google Play Music family plan "in the coming days" on Android devices in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, France and Germany. The family plan is also expected to launch in more countries soon.

Source: Android Official Blog

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