American Airlines (AA) announced on Wednesday, Dec. 9 that it will be offering "premium" economy service, giving more choices for its passengers. The new category of seats is more enhanced than the economy class but is not that lavish as in the business class.

Passengers who choose to fly under premium economy will get to enjoy more legroom, wider seats, adjustable leather seats, headrests, better meal services with wines and spirits offerings, personal entertainment system per seat, noise-reducing headphones, amenity kits, individual power outlets and USB ports in every seat.

Even while on ground, AA will ensure that their customers will experience premium comfort. Passengers may be able to check in two bags for free and enjoy boarding earlier with priority boarding service.

"Travelers want more choice when they fly and have unique preferences depending on each trip," said Andrew Nocella, the chief marketing officer of AA.

Other international airlines have already introduced premium economy seating, but AA will be the first to offer the service among other major U.S. carriers. "As the world's largest carrier, we are excited to introduce this product for our customers," Nocella said.

Prices for premium economy have not yet been announced but Nocella said it may be similar to AA's international carrier partners, already offering the service. Such airlines include Japan Airlines and British Airlines.

To give a little idea, British Airlines charged more than $1,500 for premium economy seats for January 2016 round trip flights from New York to London. Such information was obtained from six randomly selected passengers. For the economy class, the airlines charged $700-$800, while business class passengers had to shell out $5,700.

With the delivery of the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, premium economy seats will be available during the latter part of 2016. AA will also make the service available to all 777, 787, A330 and A350 aircraft in the future.

"As we continue to innovate with new and upgraded planes, you'll see a global fleet with increased comfort, amenities and service throughout your global journey," AA wrote in a statement.

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