'Who’s Your Daddy' Is A Game On What Babysitting Shouldn’t Be


Nothing fully readies a parent with caring for a baby, but they will surely try their best. You'll see that in Who's Your Daddy, a casual video game pitting a clueless father against his infant son who appears to be bent on self-destructing.

Created by Joe Williams, the game actually started out as a joke. But as Williams worked on it, he saw the potential in the project and went on KickStarter to fund the development of the game, as well as validate if people would be interested in playing it. And they are!

Aside from reaching its $1,500 goal on the crowdfunding platform, Who's Your Daddy also received massive support over at Steam Greenlight. Having been Greenlit by the Community, the game is now on its way to being released on Steam.

Who's Your Daddy will offer two modes of gameplay: one as the father and the other as the baby. As the father, the player's challenge will be to keep all dangers from reaching his son. This means locking cabinets, removing access to tubs and preventing the baby from inhaling toxic gases, among others.

As the baby, a player's challenge will be to actively seek out dangers around the house, like climbing inside an oven, sticking forks into power outlets and locking himself away under the sink cabinet. To give the father a harder time, the baby can also hide important items like outlet protectors and cabinet locks.

For now, most of the action in Who's Your Daddy play out in the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Once the final game is out, however, it will feature a fully furnished two-story home for the father and the baby to duke it out.

Who's Your Daddy is slated for a release in early 2016.

Watch the alpha gameplay below.

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