In all of Star Wars, there is only one aspect of the franchise that is universally hated among all fans. No, it's not Jar Jar (though that was a good guess). It's the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978, and to call it a travesty is an understatement.

For an idea of the kind of quality we are talking about, George Lucas once famously said that if he had the time, he would personally track down every copy of the show and smash it with a sledgehammer. It's that bad. It featured Han Solo traveling with Chewie to Kashyyyk to meet Chewie's family and celebrate Wookie "Life Day."

We get to meet Chewie's son (named Lumpy), his father (named Itchy) and his mother (Malla) as they go about preparing for the holiday. Over the course of the hour-and-a-half-long special, various stars from the franchise arrive to stand awkwardly. At one point, Chewie's dad seems to watch what can only be described as something close to VR porn. Did I mention Chewie's son is named Lumpy?

It is in this grand tradition that Funny or Die has created its own Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special, this time celebrating the completely made-up "Droid Day." Kylo Ren is desperately attempting to get BB-8 home to his (its?) family in time to celebrate the holiday, but the First Order isn't going to make it easy.

It's hypothetical because the short stars characters from the new film. Since nobody knows what the actual plot of the movie is, Funny or Die is basing its portrayals of Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and more on Internet rumors and leaks. Like the Star Wars Holiday Special of old, there are musical segments, animated shorts and more bad acting than even Hayden Christensen could stomach.

Long story short: it's great. You should watch it. You should watch the original Star Wars Holiday Special, too, if you can find it. You just might hate yourself afterward.

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