After three weeks of invading Echo Base and jump-packing through the trees of Endor, it seems like EA and DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront has had a solid launch. While Battlefront may not be as deep as hardcore gamers might like, it's clear that the game already has a dedicated community — and, as it turns out, said community is really good at blowing stuff up.

To celebrate Battlefront's three-week anniversary and the launch of the Battle of Jakku DLC, EA has released a new infographic that reveals more than a few different statistics. Sure, there are the basic stats like vehicles destroyed and credits earned, but the infographic doesn't stop there — if you ever wanted to know how many Stormtroopers have been stoned by Ewoks, look no further.

The biggest — and least surprising — reveal is the game's most popular Hero ... or, in this case, Villain. Boba Fett is easily the most powerful Hero character in the game, and it seems like the community has picked up on that rather quickly — Boba Fett has been in action for nearly 500,000 hours already. While EA didn't reveal the playtime for other Hero characters, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo come in second and third place respectively, while Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine finish off the list.

When it comes to vehicles, it looks like the Rebel Alliance is currently on top: at 43.6 million kills, the X-Wing is notably more lethal than the TIE Fighter (which sits at 26.1 million), and the Millennium Falcon just barely edges out the Slave I. On the ground, there's no question which vehicle is deadliest: at 61 million kills, the AT-ST is currently dominating over every other vehicle in the game.

Easily the biggest surprise on the list is the fact that next to no one uses tow cables: the infographic reveals that, of the 36.3 million AT-AT kills, less than one percent have been taken down via Snowspeeder harpoons. Granted, pulling off such a kill does require a lot of skill, and most Snowspeeder pilots are probably distracted by enemy TIE Fighters, but even so — considering just how iconic the tow cable kill in The Empire Strikes Back is, it's surprising to see that more players aren't trying to replicate that moment.

It'll be interesting to see how these stats evolve over time: while it's easy to assume that Boba Fett and his personal arsenal will reign supreme over the other Hero characters for a long time, players will have to wait and see if anything can possibly topple the AT-ST's current domination. Who knows — maybe those surprisingly lethal Ewoks will take the top spot?

To see the full infographic, head on over to the official Star Wars: Battlefront site.

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