Sharing screenshots from an Android device can be tedious. After simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons to take a screenshot, users need to go over their notifications for the screenshot before sharing it. Google understands that people need a much more efficient way of doing this and introduced a new feature through a Google app update.

Droid Life, one of the first to report, suspects that the update to the Google app added a new Now on Tap feature, which makes screenshot sharing easier.

"In the update, we are seeing a new share button when Now on Tap is activated, in the bottom left corner, that takes screenshots and then lets you quickly share them," Kellex of Droid Life describes the new feature.

Users need to press and hold the device's home button to activate Now on Tap. Once activated, the Now on Tap menu will pop up and reveal the icon at the bottom left corner, which needs to be tapped to take a screenshot of what the user is looking at.

Compared to normal screenshots, those taken using the new Now on Tap feature are much clearer. The notification signs and button symbols on the navigation bar and status bar will not reflect in the screenshot. Instead, they will both be blackened. This works on any type of screen.

After taking the screenshot, users will then be directed into the sharing menu that contains options for sharing. The list includes Google+, Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Photos, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Sharing is also available through SMS.

Even with Now on Tap activated, the normal method of taking a screenshot can still be used. This one, however, is much more convenient and nothing is stored in the phone's storage. You need to have Android 6.0 Marshmallow to have this feature. 

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