Trying to play a Nintendo Wii video game on the Nintendo Wii U is more complicated than it might sound when it involves having to go into the special Wii-only part of the console’s software.

That’s why anything that gets a re-release, digital or otherwise, on the Wii U is celebrated with much fanfare. It is why even the slightest hint that the immensely popular Super Mario Galaxy might be coming to the Wii U has folks tentatively excited.

The suspicion of a Wii U digital re-release for Super Mario Galaxy comes courtesy of an updated ESRB listing. As part of granting video games specific content ratings — which happens for pretty much every North American release of a certain size — they also include a list of platforms for which the game is available — which is where a suspicious little “Wii U” has appeared under the listing.

Adding some credence to the “Wii U” label's appearance on the game’s listing is the fact that the very first Wii title to be digitally re-released was actually Super Mario Galaxy 2 back in January 2015. Re-releasing the original at some point near when the sequel was re-released would be the a clever little use of the dates. Plus, it’s known that Nintendo wants to bring more Wii titles to the Wii U — a relatively simple way of increasing the console’s list of available titles.

For now, this remains speculation with a single data point that could just as well be an error. After all, the sequel’s been digitally re-released, and there’s only a two-character difference between the both of them. The other option here is to believe that this is a portent of things to come, and prepare every Wii U within reach accordingly.

Source: ESRB via Game Informer

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