Ever wanted to be the owner of an Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition device? Now you can, since the company has placed it on a sweet sale no one should be able to miss, well, for those who are interested.

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition might not be on the same level as the newest video game consoles, but it doesn't need to be since it was designed with the casuals in mind. The overall look of the device is proof enough of Amazon's intention.

Usually, this Amazon device would cost around $140, but today, it is going for the cool price of $115. Bear in mind, however, folks who are looking to purchase the Fire TV Gaming Edition for that excellent price must be subscribed to Amazon Prime.

There are other competing products on the market such as the Roku and Android TV from Google. Still, the Amazon offering is arguably better since it has most of the features its competitors are offering. It then separates itself with Amazon Instant Video, a feature the others do not have.

This deal is not only about the price; it also brings two free games to the table. Folks are going to need a few games to play and what better way to test out the controller than with some free games?

The included games are Disney DuckTales: Remastered, and the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight. These games combined cost around $24.98, so it's not a bad deal at all.

When it comes down to the specifications of the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition, this bad boy is packing a 2GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of memory. Folks will have the option to playback content at 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Audio for that perfect sound.

When streaming content, 1080p is the highest the device can push, but that should be okay for most folks since 4K streaming is very much limited at the moment. Users can access over 800 games and over 250,000 video contents such as movies and TV shows.

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