As part of the post-Secret Wars event relaunch, Norrin Radd the Silver Surfer and the lovely Dawn Greenwood are returning in the new Silver Surfer #1 from the creative team of writer Dan Slott as well as artists Mike Allred and Laura Allred — the same folks behind the pre-Secret Wars book. Though he may forever be associated with the Fantastic Four, it looks like the Surfer will have his hands full with problems other than the team’s destruction.

Rather than continue his galactic escapades, Slott and the Allreds will be bringing Radd and Greenwood back to Earth for some worldly adventures. The description for the series seems to indicate that all might not be as it seems, so the two of them might be in for some surprises.

Here’s how Marvel describes the new #1 in what is essentially a continuing series:

The Silver Surfer has shown his companion Dawn Greenwood the cosmos. Taking her to the end of the universe and back, together they’ve experienced the weird, the strange and the fantastic. But now, the time has come to show her the most fantastic planet of all — Earth! Only she (and you!) have never seen it like this before. Monsters, magic, monumental moments and more! Plus — a secret that will change everything!

That’s not really a whole lot to go on, of course. The team seems to be playing things close to the chest for the time being — which possibly means they’ve got something up their sleeves that’s a real doozy. This is Dan Slott, after all, who is no stranger to plotting out controversial stories for much-loved heroes like Spider-Man. We’re looking at “monumental moments” and so on, so prepare for the unexpected.

Silver Surfer #1 is currently scheduled to release on Jan. 13, 2016.

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