Demand Skyrockets As Xbox One Elite Controller Sells Out: Here's Where To Get One


Microsoft's Xbox One Elite controller is selling like hotcakes on the street.

Along with the release of Halo 5: Guardians, Microsoft also took the veil off its Xbox One Elite controller, which was deemed a "hot" item since its inception. Every single time Microsoft stocks up on its Xbox One Elite controllers, they always sweep up the market, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

When a fan took to Twitter to share that they were able to locate an Elite controller, the boss responded.

Despite having a bit steep price tag of $150, the controller is sold out not only on Microsoft Store but on Target, Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy. If you're considering buying one via Amazon, you can't until it arrives in the spring of next year.

What makes this controller great is its being customizable. This means that users can physically modify it, depending on the game they are playing.

If you're having a hard time finding one of those, there is an alternative. Buy the Xbox One Elite bundle packed with a 1 TB Xbox One console and the much wanted controller. The bundle, which was launched in November, is available for $450 instead of the usual $500, since Microsoft is throwing in a $50 price cut on all its Xbox One products. 

Microsoft released the Elite controller and Halo 5 instantaneously as part of the 343 Industries and Microsoft's marketing strategy. The company hopes the two would take the market by storm, and it seems the strategy is turning out to be successful. 

"Unlock your full-gaming potential with this pro-level controller that adapts to your unique style of play and gives you the competitive edge," writes Microsoft on the product page.

The controller initially landed on store shelves on Oct. 27.

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