Those clever folks at CineFix are at it again. Having entertained us with 8-bit versions of movies like "Blade Runner," "The Hunger Games" and "Inception," they're back with their latest work of retro genius.

What if "The Avengers" movie was an 8-bit video game? That question is answered in "The Avengers - 8-Bit Cinema," an animated short that reimagines the wildly popular movie as an old-school video game. It only lasts three minutes (so don't blink), but it encapsulates all of the major fight scenes from the movie, rendering them in all their pixelated, side-scrolling, nostalgic glory.

A few of the movie's best moments from the climactic battle over New York City are missing, including the shield-plus-repulsor-beam team-up between Captain America and Iron Man, Hulk's hilarious sideways punch of Thor atop the leviathan and the big moment when the camera circles all six Avengers as they assemble for the first time to prepare for the big fight. But you can't always get everything, can you?

Regardless, "The Avengers - 8-Bit Cinema" is terrific fun and easily worth taking three minutes out of your day. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the rest of CineFix's library of short films.

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