LG Electronics announced that during CES 2016 it will showcase its new lineup of products, which is targeted at digital professionals and passionate gamers.

At CES 2016, LG will present an eye-catching line of 4K monitors and an Ultra PC gram laptop, all crafted with entertainment and productivity in mind and able to satisfy even the pickiest of power users.

The star of the show will most likely be the Thunderbolt 2 featuring model 34UC98. The titanic display is a 34-inch, Curved UltraWide Monitor with an 21:9 aspect ratio. The QHD monitor sports a 3440 x 1440p resolution, and gets extra sharpness from the IPS technology behind it. The well-balanced multimedia experience will fit content creators, fanatic gamers and movie lovers alike.  

Next in line is the 34UC88, which also delivers a QHD picture, 21:9 ratio, and Curved UltraWide design. LG also keeps up with the times and the competition and reveals a 4K, Ultra Monitor with the model number 27UD68. AMD's proprietary FreeSync technology allows a seamless, fluid gaming experience on both the 27UD68 and the 34UC88.

LG will also have beastly flat displays in store at CES 2016. The 34UM88 UltraWide Monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and can easily host the workspace of digital artists and professionals such as graphic designers, movie makers or photographers. Large images or video files will be easy to manipulate thanks to the Thunderbolt 2 compatibility of the device.

CES visitors will also get a look at the Ultra HD 4K Monitor, a 27-inch monitor designed for creative professionals, offering the innovative USB-C port technology. Sporting model number 27UD88, the display simultaneously works as an exterior monitor for a laptop and doubles as a power source for it. Both SMPTE-C and Rec. 709 broadcasting standards come embedded in the 27UD88, so that users may choose how to display their pictures or movies quickly and intuitively.

LG knows that the elegance of the screen must be matched by that of the general monitor, so it made changes to the bezels and stands, as well. The 2016 lineup of monitors will get the best of both form and functionality.

Lastly, CES 2016 will allow LG to unveil its latest notebook. The LG gram 15 gets a hefty 15.6-inch screen, but maintains the overall weight of a bigger tablet. The notebook, sporting model number 15Z960, weighs just 980 grams (34.5 oz). It comes with a 6th Gen Intel® Core processors and Windows 10 preinstalled.

"We are always thrilled to be able to show international audiences our newest monitor and PC innovations at CES," noted Jang Ik-hwan, LG Electronics' leader of the monitor and PC division. 

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