Plex Media Streaming App Now Free For PlayStation And Xbox Consoles


The Plex app system made a name for itself as being a popular, sleek way of organizing and viewing prodigious media collection, be it music, film or TV shows.

The developers recently announced that you can now get the app for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One free of charge. Until now, using the app required a monthly payment or a lifetime subscription.

One reason for installing Plex is that once you set it up on a network-attached storage (NAS) or personal computer (PC), the content of said PC or NAS can be played on nearly any device with a display attached to it.

This means that you can watch the last season of "Mad Men" on a device of your choice, be it a smartphone, Roku, Apple TV, smart TV, PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

Plex caters to the needs of users who like to meticulously catalogue their collection of music and movies. There is an automatic organization option available, and it might help you save some time, but it all depends on personal preference. Do you really trust an algorithm to filter your Jodorowsky collection?

Regardless of whom you assign to organize your media, the stylish and simple interface is there to help you browse it.

A plus for the Xbox One app comes in the fact that you can use Kinect for voice control.

The team of developers from Plex wrote two lines in the Xbox One's release notes, pointing out that Plex Pass requirements were abolished for everyone.

More details concern the free release for PlayStation.

The company notes that a trimmed down start time will be noticeable on all device. Pressing Play will easily start playing whatever media you focus on. Overseas users will benefit most from the localized language detection feature. Screensaver control means that you can tweak the way your screensaver behaves.

The fact that Plex turns their apps into freeware software surprises few people. The coders promised some time ago that once their development expenditures were covered, the apps will become free, and they kept their word.

You may download the Plex App for your preferred device from the main page of the company.

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