Those interested in both SteamOS, Valve’s homegrown Linux-based operating system, and Capcom’s fighting video games now have at least one thing in common: Street Fighter V. Capcom announced that the new brawler will be supporting SteamOS as well as the Steam controller.

One of the big indicators of whether SteamOS will succeed is the number of games that ultimately support it. So getting games like Street Fighter V to come over is kind of a big deal. It remains to be seen whether there will be any measurable number of folks playing via SteamOS, but that’s something to worry about when it actually launches.

In addition to the eventual SteamOS support, it seems that the Steam controller support is already in the game. Capcom’s post about both includes a note at the bottom that the current Street Fighter V beta running over the weekend, Dec. 18-20, will allow folks to use the Steam controller. They should be easy to spot by all the flailing around trying to get the hang of it.

Street Fighter V is scheduled to launch Feb. 16, 2016, on PC and PlayStation 4. It’s unclear whether it will support SteamOS at launch.

Source: Engadget

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