With the use of Slack running rampant as companies' main communication tool in the office, the one problem is co-workers peppering you with messages while you're busy.

Well, perhaps that will be solved by this feature. On Dec. 17, Slack introduced its Do Not Disturb mode and the ability to snooze notifications.

In Do Not Disturb mode, which can be enabled by clicking on the bell icon in the top right corner of your sidebar, you won't get any notifications or even hear notification sounds across all your devices. You can even set a timer on the snooze notification within the feature. A user's status will be updated with the Do Not Disturb icon.

When the time is up, users will get a short summary of the new notifications they received while in snooze notification mode.

In addition, users can also schedule regular Do Not Disturb hours to let their co-workers know when they're off the clock. By default, Slack has turned on Do Not Disturb mode between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., but team owners and admins can change those times to the default of their choosing on Slack's settings page.

In case of an emergency message, though, Slack will give users the option to push a notification through to a co-worker even in Do Not Disturb Mode.

Slack included an example of how this might read:

"Johnny Rodgers is currently in Do Not Disturb mode and may not be alerted of this message right away. If it's urgent, click here to send a notification now. Keep in mind: if the recipient has all notifications turned off, they will only get your message when they'e back online."

Specific instruction on using the Do Not Disturb mode may be found in Slack's HelpCenter.

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