Xamaleon, a new form of ice cream that changes colors as it is licked, has been developed by a Spanish physicist.

Manuel Linares, who earned a Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream, set out to develop an ice cream that could change color. He completed his recipe while attending a cooking course, held in Barcelona.

The ice cream starts pale blue, and before serving the treat, a server sprays a "love elixer" onto the mixture. This turns the ice cream a deep shade of purple, which is followed by pink as the treat is consumed. That final transformation takes about 10 to 15 seconds to complete. The flavor of the sweet treat is said to be similar to tutti-frutti ice cream.

Linares will not reveal his color-changing recipe, but tells Spanish news outlet Cocinatis that the ice cream contains all natural ingredients. The recipe was developed in about a week by Linares, with the assistance of a few researchers. Linares paid for the costs of development out of his own pocket.

Charlie Francis, another food developer, created a type of ice cream that changes colors under florescent lights. This treat inspired Linares to explore ways color-changing ice cream could be created.

Xamaleon is currently only available at a single shop, operated by Linares in Calella de Mar, located in the province of Barcelona. The physicist chef is currently looking for a buyer to market his invention in other locations.

The secret behind the color-changing ice cream remains unknown to those outside the tight circle of developers. However, the desert does not change color until it is sprayed with the "love elixir," which likely reacts with a certain combination of fruits in the treat.

Hypercolor t-shirts, which change color over time, are available for sale, but have never become popular. These shirts alter their color based on both body and ambient temperature, similar to the way a mood ring works.

In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, the fictional confectionery developer created an "ever-lasting gobstopper" which contained layers of colors, revealed as the sweet treat was enjoyed.

Linares stated he is currently working on developing new varieties of ice cream. One will change color, from white to pink as it is consumed. Another new treat will react with ultraviolet light, popular in dance clubs around the world.

Xamán, an ice cream being developed by the team, "will be made with Peruvian and African medicinal plants which will supposedly provide an aphrodisiac effect," according to reports.

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