Microsoft released a free demo of Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One and Xbox One owners can now purchase the game as well.

The game scored excellent reviews on all major gaming websites, as it received a staggering 9.5/10 from Game Informer and 9.3/10 from IGN. The latter went on to affirm that the game features "the most fascinating action hero in video games today."

With such an impressive resume, there is little wonder that Xbox owners want to see Lara Croft in action.

Microsoft enabled them to get the demo variant of Rise of the Tomb Raider by simply downloading it to their console system. Be wary, as the demo will gulp 21 GB of storage space.

The title officially arrived on Xbox One on Nov. 10 2015, and PC owners expect to play it on their high-performance rigs at the beginning of 2016. The last to get their hands on the latest Tomb Raider installment are PlayStation 4 owners, who must wait until late 2016 to join Lara Croft in her new adventures.

In spite of being one of the best action-adventure titles of this year, the publisher mistimed its release, rolling out Rise of the Tomb Raider on the same day with Fallout 4. Both games came out on Nov. 10, which proved to be a grave mistake for the latest Lara Croft title, as demonstrated by the small number of sales registered on launch day (and beyond).

Shortly put, Bethesda's long-awaited titled dwarfed Square Enix's efforts without blinking.

If you need a few more reasons to try out the free demo of Rise of The Tomb Raider on you Xbox One, here are some opinions from experts.

"The controls and graphics are excellent, and the platforming and puzzling is a lot more involved than the previous game. Stealth combat is great, with decent artificial intelligence," David Jenkins of Metro stated.

"With a huge world to explore, heaps of secrets and puzzles to uncover, and some great action, this is the best Tomb Raider since the original Tomb Raider," affirmed ARS Technica's Mark Walton.

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To familiarize yourself with the storyline, watch the launch trailer below. 

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