One of our favorite superheroes is celebrating the holidays — and the countdown to the movie trailer — in what is known as the "12 Days of Deadpool." And one of the many gifts given to fans during this celebration has been the ability for us to send holiday cheer using the Merc with a Mouth in our texts.

Marvel and 20th Century Fox released the official Deadpool movie emoijs for iOS and Android devices that feature the outspoken superhero with his famous red and black face in all his glory.

It's hard not to geek out with these Deadpool emojis that include one where he is dressed up as Santa, the sticking out the tongue emoji that has the cat with heart eyes as the tongue, and other cool ones like the Canadian leaf, pancakes, arguably the best unicorn emoji we've seen thus far, blood splatter and a Katana sword.

And it seems like we aren't the only ones who can't wait to express how we feel using Deadpool. After the emojis were released on Monday, high volumes of users began downloading them, which ultimately caused the servers to crash.

While this was disappointing to some, the official Twitter account for the Deadpool movie responded to the inconvenience in a way only fans can appreciate.

Of course, we would never be offended by the tweet since the sass is so in character, but Ryan Reynolds' response had the Deadpool star acting like he was just a bit taken aback by their customer service.

The Deadpool movie emojis are now back up and running, and are available for download for free for iOS and Android.

Deadpool hits theaters Feb. 12, 2015.

Source: ComicBook

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