While Star Wars: The Force Awakens might be getting all the attention from fans who love the franchise about a galaxy far, far, away, some others are making sure not to forget George Lucas' OG trilogy. Example? A condensed compilation of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Jedi Returns in a way you've never seen before: remade as an 8-bit action/adventure game.

CineFix, a video content-oriented comedy/creative team, is mostly known for its 8-bit makeovers of movies, anything from popular blockbusters to action films to art house hits (with newly pixelated titles like Pan's Labyrinth, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Army of Darkness under its belt). So it's no surprise that the original Star Wars trilogy would be the next franchise to get the retro video game treatment — especially in the wake of the long-anticipated Force Awakens premiere last Friday, Dec. 18.

And — "spoilers" ahead — how does the 8-bit remake end? With a defeated Darth Vader announcing, "You unlocked the Prequels. Would you like to play them now?", followed by "yes" or "no" options. Guess which one the "player" picks?

Check out CineFix's 8-bit remake of the original Star Wars trilogy in the video below.



Source: CineFix

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