With the New Year rolling around after Christmas, the time approaches for people to once again think of their New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions cover a wide, but typical, range of changes that people want to make in themselves. It could be a decision to lose weight, improve productivity and quit smoking. People often find it very hard to follow through with their promises over the course of the whole year, though.

For those who seriously want to keep their New Year's resolutions for 2016, here are some apps that could help you achieve your goal for some of the more common (and commonly broken) resolutions.

For losing weight: Lose It! on iOS and Android

Lose It! for iOS and Android devices allows users to set their daily calorie budget, track exercise and food intake, and stay motivated as they work toward their weight loss goal.

The app is based on the principles of calorie tracking and peer support for sustainable and healthy weight loss. Users can set their own goals and then track their progress as they work for their goals. The app also has social features so that users will have a support network in their weight loss journey, as well as challenges to unlock the competitive side of users.

For improving productivity: Wunderlist on iOS and Android

The main function of Wunderlist, as the name implies, is for making lists. It may sound a bit too simple, but the app is very useful in improving productivity.

The app is incredibly easy to use, with users allowed to create and file lists to organize different aspects of their lives. Created lists may be accessed from anywhere and through any device as they are saved in the cloud. The lists can also be shared with other users, which will be helpful for project collaborations at work or supermarket runs for the home.

For quitting smoking: Smoke Free on iOS and Android

Smoke Free uses established techniques that are creatively delivered and continuously improved to help people quit smoking. The app allows users to see their progress, while also giving them the ability to help scientists understand how to help other people from quitting smoking just by using the app.

Smoke Free tells users how much time has passed since they last smoked, how much money the user has saved, how many cigarettes have been avoided and how much the user's health is improving. Users will get badges for their progress, and will also have access to a cravings diary for their own records.

For saving money: Mint on iOS and Android

Mint allows users to keep track of all their financial activity across all their accounts, with every transaction recorded and categorized automatically.

Mint is able to create a budget depending on the user's spending habits, making the app a great way to monitor financial standing and spot any problems that could arise before it leads to much bigger ones.

For drinking more responsibly: DrinkControl on iOS and Android

DrinkControl can track and convert alcohol intake into the standard units of alcohol, allowing the app to alert users once they are going over their drinking limits. The app also keeps track on how much has been spent on drinks and how many calories the user has taken in.

The app also features a calendar where users can browse and manage the drinks they have taken, and can also show graphs and charts on alcohol consumption.

For getting better sleep: Sleep Genius on iOS and Android

Sleep Genius was designed to address one of the biggest health issues in the world, and that is the inability of people to get good sleep. The app was created after decades of research in the development of algorithms that will trigger the user's brain into sleeping faster, deeper and longer.

The app claims to be the first app to offer treatment for sleep deprivation, with a sleep program that will help users get the optimal night's sleep and a revive cycle alarm that gradually awakens users from a good night's rest.

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