Smartphones have become more expressive with messaging ever since Emojis started rolling out and it's only going to get more expressive every year. The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) has revealed the list of Emoji candidates that would possibly be rolled out in June 2016.

On Oct. 2, UTC released 67 new Emojis that were approved for final consideration. UTC President Mark Davis tweeted about the comprehensive list that made the final cut, among these is the Paella Emoji that Davies seems to have taken a liking to.

The list comprises of different types of faces including a fully made-up clown face and a Pinocchio-like Emoji with an extended nose. Now that's definitely a fun way to call someone out on their lie! There's also a sneezing face, covered with a napkin, of course, and a drooling face that's perfect for whenever an especially nice looking dessert is on the table.

Smartphone users will also get to express their frustration with the facepalm Emoji or just shrug a message off by sending a shrug emoji. Of course, there's always the hand signal emojis for anyone who prefers to use a closed-fist instead.

Animals also made the cut with the Bat, Shark, Gorilla, Deer, Fox, and Lizard, among the 11. A croissant and baguette made the list, as well as a cucumber, carrot and potato. Bacon lovers celebrate because you may just be able to send a strip of bacon next year, or you can always cut it into bits and add it to the Paella Emoji Davies tweeted about.

There are also sports and sports items in UTC's list including a martial arts uniform and gold, silver and bronze medals. Two emojis are alone in their classification: a wilted flower and a drum with drumsticks.

However, one emoji in particular raised questions: the rifle. Gun-control campaign groups have already objected to having such an emoji in smartphones.

UTC will decide in May 2016 which among the 67 will be rolled out in June 2016; however, this does not mean it will be readily available in your smartphones because each company will still have to render the designs according to their liking.

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