The Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most common gift choices for Christmas this year. However, not everyone knows how to use it. So here is a quick guide on setting up the Apple Watch, installing apps, and some tricks to make the most out of the wearable.

What Is The Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch released by Apple in April 2015. The wearable is available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, and in three collections: stainless steel, aluminum and gold. The Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5 or newer models running on iOS 8.2 or higher. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch will not work with any Android device.

The Apple Watch has a touchscreen and features Apple's pressure-sensitive technology called Force Touch, which can distinguish between a press and a tap. The smartwatch also includes a side button that can be used for displaying items such as contact lists on the screen.

Setting Up The Apple Watch

Make sure that the Apple Watch has been charged. Then, switch on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the smartwatch and on the iPhone to automatically pair the devices.

If the devices do not pair automatically, tap the "I" icon on the Apple Watch and insert the six digit code that appears on the iPhone.

After pairing the two devices, tap "Set Up as New Apple Watch" on their iPhone. Confirm which wrist the smartwatch will be worn and accept the terms and conditions.

Next, input your Apple ID and password (on the iPhone). When prompted about Location Services, Siri and Diagnostics, select OK. It is worth noting that any changes to the Apple Watch or iPhone will reflect in both the paired devices.

There will be an option to select a four-digit passcode. If you're an Apple Pay user, select a passcode as it is needed to use the payment service.

You will also get an option to unlock the Apple Watch with the paired iPhone. Select "yes" or "no" based on your preference.

A prompt to Install Available Apps and select "Install All" will appear. You can start downloading available Apple Watch versions of the apps that are already on the paired iPhone. There's also a "Choose Later" option so you can manually pick which apps to install.

After the above process the Apple Watch and the iPhone will start syncing and you will be notified when the syncing is finished. The Apple Watch is now ready to work with the iPhone.

Apps To Install On The Apple Watch

A number of apps available the App Store can be installed on the Apple Watch.

Facebook Messenger - Stay connected with your friends by replying to Facebook messages with your Apple Watch.

Twitter - Check your Twitter timeline and trending hashtags without taking out your smartphone.

CNN App - Get CNN news alerts directly on your wrist.

eBay - Bid and keep up with your auctions - whenever, wherever.

Square Cash - Leaving your wallet at home is no longer a problem as you can use this app to receive and send cash with your smartwatch.

Spark - This alternate email app for the Apple Watch has more voice notification tones in comparison to the Apple Mail app on Apple Watch.

Some Tips And Tricks

Tip 1 - The Apple Watch wakes up and shows the time at the flick of a wrist. If you want it to show the last app used before going into sleep mode, go to Settings > General > Activate on Wrist Raise > On, then select Open to the Last-Used App.

Tip 2 - Enlarge the size of the on-screen text by going to Settings > Brightness & Text Size, and adjust text size.

Tip 3 - Notification sounds can sometimes be annoying when in a meeting or an intimate gathering with the family. Mute alerts with their palms by going to My Watch > Sounds & Haptics > Cover to Mute.

Tip 4 - Forgot where you left your iPhone? Simply wipe up on the screen of your Apple Watch to activate Glances. Then, go to Settings glance and tap the Ping iPhone button. This will make your iPhone ring so you can spot it easier.

Tip 5 - Set a default city for getting weather information: go to My Watch > Weather > Default City and change the setting.

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