It looks as if the entire country decided to "Come Together" this Christmas to listen not to the traditional carols and holiday themed songs, but to the prolific Beatles catalogue, which finally became available for on demand streaming on Dec. 24.

The Beatles songs took spots on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Prime Music, Google Play, Slacker Radio, Microsoft Groove, Deezer and Rhapsody. As we explained recently, all Beatles songs were already available on Pandora.

The nation needed little "Help!" finding their favorite tracks which they can now hear "Any Time At All," "Eight Days A Week" by simply requesting them on their favorite streaming service or adding the songs to a playlist, which over 673,000 Spotify users reportedly did in the first few days of availability.

The song that topped the list in the U.S. was "Come Together." "Hey Jude" took the pole position while "Here Comes The Sun" came in at No. 3. Classic Beatles ballad "Let It Be" was No. 4 while one of the group's early rock and roll hits "Twist And Shout" came in at No. 5. "Blackbird," "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "In My Life," "She Loves You" and "Help!" rounded out the top 10. All of the songs are classic Beatles hits, but both "Blackbird" and "In My Life" are somewhat surprising as they are not generally considered among the best-known Beatles tracks of all time.

Also surprising was the amount of relative youngsters who streamed the Fab Four, with listeners under the age of 34 accounting for 65 percent, or just about two out of every three, of Beatles streams. "Across The Universe," "Back In The USSR" and in other countries worldwide, the list was similar, with the only differences in the top 10 being classic hits "Love Me Do," "Yesterday" and "All You Need Is Love" replacing "Blackbird," "In My Life" and "She Loves You."

Now that "The Long And Winding Road" to streaming has finally been reached, Beatles fans can "Shout" out in glee thanks to the streaming "Revolution." They can listen to all their favorite Beatles tracks anywhere, anytime, including "Strawberry Fields, Forever."

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