Comcast has doubled Internet speeds in some of its markets in the United States. Was your state on the list of upgraded Internet speed sites?

If you live in (most of) California, Texas, Kansas and Missouri then you can answer yes to that question. The boost in speed of Internet from the ISP was announced Friday.

The big news about Comcast's viral customer service rep snafu is over and now the company is looking to boost its reputation by boosting Internet speeds. As a previous Tech Times article points out, the company also announced its plans to roll out a global all fiber cable network soon. The company hasn't provided specifics on the plan yet, but the company seeks to replace coaxial lines with fiber optics to deliver faster Internet speeds to homes everywhere. Some say the ISP is a decade behind Verizon in its fiber optic network.

Customers in most of California will get about double the bandwidth they had for free, according to at least one report. Customers may need a new cable modem, however, to go along with the new free upgrade.

Comcast will ramp up speeds in three of its service tiers: Xfinity from 25 to 50 Mbps, Blast from 50 to 105 Mbps and Extreme from 105 to 150 Mbps. Customers in Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, Isleton, Lodi, and Rio Vista will not get the upgrade in California, however, according to one report. The changes will take effect over the course of a few days at least. Olathe, Kansas, Independence, Missouri, and Houston, Texas, will also benefit from the new Comcast Internet speed boost. 

In just over a decade, Comcast has increased Internet speeds in several states 13 different times. Comcast has also said that it plans to implement several million Wi-Fi hotspots around the U.S.

"We currently offer about 3.6 million hotspots with plans to grow to eight million by the end of the year," said Senior Vice President and General Manager of Data and Communications Services for Comcast, Eric Schaefer.

Comcast is the nation's largest ISP and also offers cable and landline phone services to residential and business customers. Other major ISPs include AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner Cable.

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