This man deserves father of the year for doing this for his two young sons. He took the timeout to create a spaceship and mission control for his two sons to play and enjoy themselves with. It is pretty difficult not to be impressed by his actions and masterful skills.

Months ago, Jeff Highsmith created a mission control replica for his two sons, but that wasn't enough. He recently went ahead and created a spaceship that works alongside the mission control, so now one of his sons can be playing inside the spaceship, while the other is at mission control telling him what to do.

We have to admit; the end result of the spaceship is even more awesome than the mission control desk because, well, it's a goddamn spaceship for crying out loud. And it is not just some other amateur design; it looks great with several switches that should give the boys the feeling of being in a real spaceship.

From what we've come to understand, the spaceship has 38 switches and 291 LED lights. In addition, Highsmith added recordings from the Apollo 12 and Apollo 13 missions, which is a pretty sweet addition in our eyes. To make things even more realistic for the boys, Highsmith added a bass amplifier that is capable of rumbling the spaceship when the thrusters are fired.

There's even a Payload bay that allows them to recover or launch satellites into an imaginary space. Other toys come into play via a hatch switch, and there is also a control for the robot arm. Furthermore, Highsmith added remote video feed, and another screen where the boys can watch streaming videos from NASA.

One of the best additions to this playset is the intercom system that allows mission control to communicate with the spaceship.

Let's be honest here; this is one of the greatest creations we have ever seen, and we are also envious of the two little boys. Imagine how awesome it would be to have a spaceship in your bedroom as a child, and your sibling communicating from mission control in another section of the house.

Jeff Highsmith aims to improve his creation and add more cool features. We can't help but wonder what he has in store.

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