It's somewhat ironic that the most talked-about part of Daredevil season two isn't the star of the show. If anything, Matt Murdock has been secondary to a pair of newcomers: both the Punisher and Elektra are set to make their debut during the show's second season. It makes sense, as both characters are huge parts of Daredevil's extended history ... and, considering how well-done the first season was, fans are excited to see what Marvel has up its sleeve.

That being said, fans of Marvel's first Netflix series haven't seen much of either character. While a single new photo of the Punisher made its way online earlier today, both Marvel and Netflix have been keeping the show's new characters under wraps for months now.

Thankfully, it looks like the studio is finally ready for the big reveal: Marvel and Netflix have released a number of new stills from Daredevil season two ... including the first real looks at both the Punisher and Elektra. Sure, the titular crime-fighter is looking as good as ever, it's clear that the season two newcomers are set to take center stage:

While it's impossible to judge how the characters will turn out from a single set of photos, it's hard to argue that the Punisher and Elektra don't look right at home alongside Daredevil himself. Sure, it's a little disappointing that the Punisher isn't rocking the iconic white skull, but there's always a chance that he'll upgrade his wardrobe over the course of season two.

Speaking of upgraded wardrobes, it looks like Murdock is slowly turning into Batman: the suit is far more black than red at this point, and it looks like the hood is starting to look even more like a certain DC hero's helm. It's the epitome of modern superhero fashion ... even if the current suit ditches the simple charm of Daredevil's first outfit.

Again, it's impossible to judge a show with nothing but a few pictures to look at — but all things considered, Daredevil's second season looks like it's on the right track. It's got quite the lofty reputation to live up to — with any luck, Daredevil season two will be a hit when it launches next year.

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