Attendees of the CES in Las Vegas should anticipate some delays because of the new mandatory bag checks that will be implemented at the world's biggest trade show.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, the new procedure at the entrances of the 2.2-million-square-foot show floor will ensure the safety of the estimated 150,000 guests. This is the first time that such security checks will be conducted as a precaution in light of "recent global tragedies."

"There are no known credible threats against CES 2016. We remain in close consultation with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and local law enforcement officials," the CTA says.

In addition, the Dec. 17 announcement detailed that suitcases and rolling bags will no longer be permitted at the trade show.

They also gave a few tips for CES guests to help ease the congestion that is likely to occur because of the bag checks.

All attendees will only be permitted to carry up to two bags each measuring no bigger than 12 inches x 17 inches x 6 inches -- roughly the size of a large FedEx box. Exhibitors and the media may apply for specific exemptions.

Guests are discouraged from wearing bulky clothing and bringing bags with multiple pockets and compartments that will take time to inspect. To expedite the screening process, the use of mesh or clear bags made of plastic or vinyl is encouraged.

The new security precautions at CES could prove troublesome for some guests, particularly on the last days of the show. People who are accustomed to check out of their hotels and just bring their luggage with them in order to go straight to the airport from CES, won't be able to do so anymore.

This year, guests will have to make arrangements with their respective hotels to hold their bags.

The new guideline also informs guests to expect armed law enforcement personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs to be present both inside and outside the vicinity of the show.

All guests are advised to factor in the delay they may experience at the entrance to avoid messing up their schedule for the day.

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