The first season of HBO's crime drama "True Detective," starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, was a smash hit for the cable giant. It comes as no surprise then that the rumor mill has been having a field day with possible plot details and castings for the show's currently under-wraps second season. This new casting rumor in particular is one that few could have possibly predicted: Vince Vaughn.

Yes, that Vince Vaughn, the star of a seemingly never-ending slew of comedies including "Wedding Crashers," "Swingers," "Dodgeball" and "The Internship," just to name a few.

TVLine reports the actor is currently in preliminary talks to play one of three leads in season two of "True Detective." No word on what that role might be, but anybody who has watched "True Detective" will tell you that a lighthearted comedy it is not. While Vaughn has primarily starred in comedies in recent years, he does occasionally break out of that mold. He played a lead character in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" along side Jeff Goldblum and in the past year alone he's worked on and secured multiple non-comedic projects, including his recently wrapped work on another crime drama by the name of "Term Life."

Vaughn is just the latest in a string of rumors around "True Detective" season two. Reports hit the web last month that actors Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch were in serious discussions for two of next season's lead roles. Vaughn could possibly make the third.

Series creator Nic Pizzolatto has been dropping a few hints of his own about the future of "True Detective" as well. He's said that season two will take place in California and have four central roles, with Film Divider reporting that the season's plot will indeed take place in the sunshine state, and revolve around a corrupt transportation scheme that emits a "Chinatown"-esque vibe. Film Divider goes on to say the leads will each be a member of a different part of government, all forced to work together to uncover the mystery behind a murder of a public official.

Of course, this is all just rumor, so who knows what is actually in store for "True Detective" fans. Season two is still a ways off, but concrete casting details could be coming soon. HBO President Michael Lombardo teased upcoming announcements during a press tour last month, adding that "The two scripts we have are...more exciting than the first season."

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