Samsung unveiled its new smart refrigerator at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday as it expands its list of Internet of Things devices.

Called the "Family Hub," the Internet-enabled stainless steel fridge features a large tablet-like 21.5-inch 1080p HD touchscreen display that is located on one of its doors. The consumer is able to display the smart fridge's status, such as the internal temperature and humidity, as well of some other fancy features such as the weather, the news and a calendar.

The Family Hub is also equipped with cameras and sensors that allow the consumer to see the contents inside without having to open the fridge, as well as the ability to send a notification via a smartphone app when particular items are running low. That means consumers can check the contents while shopping and no longer have to wonder if they ran out of mayo when picking up sandwich ingredients at the supermarket.

The display, which features buttons that resemble an Android device, also allows the user to shop and purchase groceries directly from the display in real-time, as well as access to recipes and the Web.

The app also allows the consumer to write notes that will be displayed on the Family Hub's screen, so they can inform their spouse they already picked up the milk. Family photos (that are synced from smartphones) can also be displayed on the touchscreen, putting a modern spin on hanging printed family portraits on the kitchen appliance.

Samsung's Family Hub also features speakers that are mounted on the door that allow the user to play music while cooking in the kitchen.

The smart refrigerator also acts as a hub to control all the other smart appliances and devices as part of Samung's SmartThings Internet of Things ecosystem with the purchase of an additional dongle.

Samsung's Family Hub smart refrigerator will be available initially in South Korea. No pricing or further release information is known at this time.

Source: Samsung

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