The timing is just right for the new iOS 8 release. The changes should be able to help developers prepare more for their apps project when iOS 8 releases publicly. Non-developers will benefit for the latest beta version as well. Developers use the iOS 8 beta on test devices while consumers use the beta software on their personal devices.

Apple seemed to be preparing a lot for the iOS 8's public release date by providing regular updates and refinements on the software's latest beta version. The iOS beta 5 carries the same habit with some interesting changes.

One of the biggest changes is the new Health app. The Health app is capable of collecting information related to spirometry. The latter is used to measure lung function by keeping track of the amount and speed of air when a person inhales and exhales. It helps determine whether a person is having an asthma attack.

The app also features a number of new icons. It is capable of exporting Health data and displaying Medical ID even on a locked screen through its "Show When Logged" option. There is also the Settings app where the user can create privacy settings for Health.

Apple's introduction of a health-focused app gives the impression that the company is expecting to integrate more serious health devices with its very own HealthKit, making a huge leap from casual fitness and health devices such as pedometers. In the future, it might even consider creating support for clinical-level tools.

There are other health-related updates that the new iOS 8 beta version offers. These would include the HKWorkout API for keeping workouts and new icons designed for Data Exporting and Body Data.

For those who believe they have no health issues, they can still enjoy the app's other featured updates. Users can easily notice that Apple has redesigned the icons for Keychain, Backup, iCloud Drive, iCloud Family Sharing, and iCloud.

Photo buffs would be delighted to know that their favorite photos app can show them the latest time their images were synced to iCloud. There is also a new option for users to keep their most treasured full resolution photos on the cloud service in order save space on their devices.

Users who have both the iOS 8 beta 5 and the latest OS X Yosemite version in their Mac could have the option to use their phone in performing SMS Relay right on their Mac.

There is one more update coming up from Apple before the final version is released.

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