OK, so I went over to the Lenovo booth at tonight's CES Unveiled event fully expecting to just spend some time with those new tablets, but this thing caught my eye — or, rather, a rep from the company pulled me aside and insisted I take a look at it. I wasn't disappointed.

What looks to be a standard flash drive is so much more. Plug it into your PC and pop an Android handset into the other end and you get an immediate connection.

You can drag and drop files back and forth, you can use the computer's mouse to control the phone and, most impressively, the thing mirrors your phone's desktop, so you can use the apps on the big screen.

And it all works just as easily as I've described right here. You can write messages using the computer's keyboard and you can watch movies from your phone on the big(gish) screen.

All of that really cool functionality and 32 GB of storage built in. Not too shabby for $39. The dongle should work with all handsets running Android 5.0 and above. Pretty rad, Lenovo.

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